Friday, 2 September 2011

POP! And there goes my blogging cherry

I've never even read a blog you know. After watching the foodie flick 'Julie & Julia', I was inspired. Food & Cooking is one of biggest passions and if nobody ever gets to read this, that's cool too. I don't really know what blogging really means. I think it's like an online diary that everyone can read. I don't know at this point how this will go. Whether I divulge every aspect of my often complicated existence, or if I'll keep it strictly food. Either way, I hope the journey is fun. I have the excitement now that you get at an airport. My flights are free which is great because the celtic tiger ate all my money.

Ps, just like Julie, I cooked boeuf bourguignon. Except I didn't burn mine and it was pretty bloody fantastic.

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