Monday, 16 January 2012

Feisty Fish Thai Red Curry

A quick foreword...
I know. It's been ages. I've been busy obsessing about carbs and baking things that I won't allow myself to eat. 'Living vicariously' as one tweeter suggested. Absolutely. Hey look, I know the whole 'eat less, move more' ethos, I do. But I always like to try new ways of feeling and looking fabulous, and mixing it up helps me to stay motivated. Plus it's a not so secret fantasy of mine that one day, I'll be referred to as the skinny bitch in the corner. Life has been good overall, have burst into 2012 with loads of positive energy and contentment has taken up residency and is a very welcome addition to my sometimes chaotic life.  

It's a paste, not 'Chicken Tonight'
 so don't beat yourself up
Now, onto the cooking: 
So I've cooked loads of wonderful dishes over the past couple of weeks, but one that I stood out for me was my Thai fish curry. I visited my local fishmonger to purchase monkfish, but they was out and so they suggested Victoria Perch instead. I was hesitant but oh my, this fish is PERFECT in a fish curry. It's a white, extremely meaty fish that holds it's own and doesn't flake into nothingness. It's a white, low calorie option and better still it's very reasonably priced. I used a paste for this dish, which I wasn't happy about, as I like to make everything from scratch (which, I might add, I can be annoyingly boastful about) but after putting out some feelers to the foodie community via twitter I was reassured that the paste I was using was top notch and really ,I couldn't go wrong. And were they right. This paste can be bought in any good eastern cuisine store.

I've not cooked a whole pile of Thai food in my lifetime, nor could I call myself a Thai cuisine fan per se, but this dish packed a punch and more besides. I beg you to make this dish. You'll go back for seconds, in fact you'll probably cook it again within the week. Feel free to add some vegetables, maybe some cooked spuds, peppers or some cherry tomatoes. 

For God sake, it's too deleicious
Feisty Fish Thai Red Curry
Serves 2
splash of sunflower oil
2-3 cloves of garlic, crushed
1 large red or white onion, cut into large chunks (or whatever your preference)
2 Victoria Perch Fillets, cut into bite size pieces (or any meaty white fish)
1 decent Tablespoon of Mae Ploy Red Curry Paste (This is quite hot, so if you'd prefer it milder, maybe use a dessert spoon)
1 tin of Coconut milk (go for half fat if you want to save calories....BORING!)
Juice & Zest of a lime
1 Tablespoon of muscavado sugar
A decent bunch of chopped fresh Coriander

Serve with fluffy Basmati Rice


1. Heat the oil in a pan, add the onions, garlic paste and fry on a low heat for about 10 mins until the onions have softened

2. Add in the sugar, the zest and juice of the lime and the coconut milk and bring to the boil

3. Allow to simmer and reduce for about 10-15 mins

4. Fire in the fish and cook for a minute or two until the fish is cooked. 

5. Stir in some chopped coriander and use some for a garnish too.

HEALTH WARNING: It is strongly recommended that a cold beer or two is consumed whilst eating this. 


  1. that fish looks awesome! it held together so well! It looks scrummy - Im so hungry atm and this isnt helping!

    Im the same as you about making things from scratch - but there are some curry pastes that are actually really good. We have a company here in Perth called Turban Chopsticks who do great pastes, so when Im not making my own theirs is fab!

  2. hey there Jacqui, yeah it's fab, I love this curry. havent tried the half fat coconut milk version, might though soon. I might make a paste next time to compare. x