Thursday 16 February 2012

White onion & Parmesan Soup with fresh chives and truffle oil

A couple of tweets here, a couple of tweets there, and the inspiration flows. This Avoca soup had been doing the twitter circuit as being the most delicious soup ever experienced by some influential blogger ladies on Twitter. The way they described it's lusciousness, I could just taste it. 

As I drove home this evening, I wrote the recipe as I imagined it in my head. 

I cooked, it worked, and I IMPLORE of you to make this absolutely amazing soup. You will not be disappointed.

White Onion & Parmesan Soup 
with fresh chives and truffle oil
Serves 6 Happy People or 4 deliriously Happy People

2 lbs white onions thinly slices (I used magimix to slice)
2 bay leaves
400ml milk
400ml cream (feel free to add all milk if you want to watch the calories and be a party pooper)
I jelly chicken stock cube
8 oz of Parmesan + Rind
salt & white ground pepper to taste
1 teaspoon of sugar

In a large casserole, add the onions, bay leaves, Parmesan rind, stock cube, milk and cream.

Bring to the Boil

Simmer for 20 minutes, or until the onions are completely tender.

Discard the rind and bay leaves.

Add Parmesan, salt, pepper and sugar....Blitz in food processor for at least 2 minutes

Top with snipped fresh chives and a drizzle of truffle oil, or fresh truffle shavings if you are incredibly rich.

Enjoy with lots of crusty bread, unashamedly spread with proper butter.


  1. I really should become more adventurous with soup. I always make vegetable, boring I know. This looks delicious.

  2. Made thus for New Year's Eve party. Absolutely superb. I did sweat the onions in a pan before following the instructions and used a veggie stock cube because of veggie guest. Result was amazing. Many thanks.

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